Bridge App

Bridge - UI/UX Design

The Project

Bridge is a mobile first web app that focuses on connecting entrepreneurs, founders and small business owners with experts in the digital business ecosystem. Running your own business can be a complex and frustrating venture. Bridge wants to gap the user’s lack of information with direct access to experts in the requested field who can help, guide and answer pressing questions when they pop up. It should be noted that this project was accompanied by a six-month user experience design training in the context of Career Foundry’s UX Immersion Course. The requirement was to develop an app that allowed people to connect with expert in different fields. Based on the experience as a former business developer, I decided to create an app that helps entrepreneurs to tackle their ad-hoc business problems.

My role

As a solo designer of this project I was responsible for the entire design process. The user-centered design process together with the principles of Design Thinking and the framework of designing an Expert app were the starting point of the journey through the eyes of a User Experience Designer.


Pen and Paper
Adobe XD
Usability Hub

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