Hi, I’m Pierre

Building digital products, brands and experiences.

a Berlin based Product Manager.

I am interested in solving real-life problems by observing and engaging with people, understanding new ways of thinking and spotting undiscovered needs.

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Product Portolio

(Ressource: https://eyebizz.de/branche/mister-spex-bringt-3d-gedruckte-brillen/)

Mobile App Development Mister Spex EyeD - Product Owner - 2022/2023

Built a zero-to-one product as a Product Owner - shaping, implementing and leading the vision and strategy for an internally developed iOS App, which has been successfully rolled out in 70+ stores (Mister Spex EyeD).

My primary focus has been on building proprietary frame fitting technologies with AR/VR visualisations for 3D printed frames, resulting in a truly innovative customer experience. Through this development, personalised frame size recommendations have been revolutionised, enabling virtual frame try-ons in real size and ensuring perfectly fitted glasses of both single vision and progressive lenses.

Entry still in progress

Bridge App

Bridge - User Research - UI/UX Design

Bridge is a mobile-first web app that focuses on connecting entrepreneurs, founders and small business owners with experts in the digital business ecosystem.

It should be noted that this project was accompanied by a five-month user experience design training in the context of Career Foundry’s UX Immersion Course. The requirement was to develop an app that allowed people to connect with expert in different fields. Based on the experience as a former business developer, I decided to create an app that helps entrepreneurs to tackle their ad-hoc business problems.

Preview Mobi Click Project

Mobi Click - UX Design - Website redesign

Mobi Click is a german b2b manufacturer of emergency signal technology focusing on the protection of so called lone workers, an employee who performs an activity that is carried out in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision.
The website was not reflecting Mobi-Click's expertise. It was lacking context, performance, pertinence and usefulness. It had no added value to address the target group's pain and needs. It amplified confusion rather than coherency.

With the goal of increasing user engagement, they decided to redo their website.